Progressive Christianity

Scapegoat – with June Joplin: S01E18

Meet transgender pastor, radical truth-teller and scapegoat, Junia (June) Joplin.
A scapegoat is a truth teller in a family, company or community. They are the ones that will verbalize or act out “the problem” that others are attempting to cover up or deny.

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Join Chad Rollo and I as we talk about deconstructing our faith and the importance of being in community with ‘fellow travellers’ as we journey this wild & windy (and often painful) road towards integrating our faith and sexuality after years of living behind a wall of shame & fear.

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The shift – with Colby Martin: S01E14

In today’s episode I’m joined by best-selling author, podcaster, and PROGRESSIVE pastor Colby Martin. Colby is passionate about carving out a space within Christianity that includes: a whole-heartedly affirming posture toward LGBTQ individuals. Colby joins today’s episode to talk about his newly released book ‘The Shift: Surviving and Thriving after Moving from Conservative to Progressive Christianity’

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