Mental Health

S02E08: Silence is deadly, WITH David Laskovski

Silence is deadly: how to talk about suicide with David Laskovski Hello and Welcome to This Little Light Of Mine, my name is James Powell and I’m really glad that you are able to join me for today’s interview episode. Today I’m joined with David Laskovski who is joining our conversation on mental health and will…

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The Gift of Pain – Interview with Cathy Webber: S01E08

For most of her life Cathy Webber believed that God was punishing her after a self-started childhood accident covered her body with third degree burns. Filled with self-hate Cathy tried to sedate her pain multiple addictions until the day she surrendered and called out ‘God, help me!’. Cathy now dedicates her life sharing how the gift of pain brought her back to God and provides her with the daily strength to be a grateful addict who grows in recovery on day at a time.

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You Are Not Allowed To Love: S01 Trailer

You Are Not Allowed To Love – Religious Trauma to Triumph? Welcome to a tale of terror to religious trauma to triumph. Journey with me as I heal the wounds religious trauma of growing up gay in the Evangelical Church. My name is James Powell and I want to introduce you to This Little Light…

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