Seeds of Shame: S01E09

In Seeds of Shame I take you WAY back to some of my earliest memories from a pre-school Jimmy (yup… I was Jimmy back then). As I do my own inner child work and travel back to ages 3/4/5/6 I can clearly see the imprint of early trauma and can almost pinpoint where toxic shame entered my life as a young boy.

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The Gift of Pain- Interview with Cathy Webber: S01E08

For most of her life Cathy Webber believed that God was punishing her after a self-started childhood accident covered her body with third degree burns. Filled with self-hate Cathy tried to sedate her pain multiple addictions until the day she surrendered and called out ‘God, help me!’. Cathy now dedicates her life sharing how the gift of pain brought her back to God and provides her with the daily strength to be a grateful addict who grows in recovery on day at a time.

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Complex Trauma: S01E07

In today’s episode, ‘Complex Trauma’, I share the part of my story where this project first began. In today’s episode I take you into my disclosure session with my parents during my stay at a long-term complex trauma and rehabilitation centre in the US.

This is where I really started living.

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afFIRMation Thursday – Pride Edition with Byron Fulkerth: S01E06

Welcome to our special Pride Month BONUS episode of This Little Light of Mine. Join personal trainer Byron Fulkerth and me as we take a hot minute to take a deep breath, throw some glitter in the air and talk about a new take on the elusive pride body.

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#BanConversionTherapy – Interview with Jonathan Brower: S01E05

#BanConversionTherapy join our conversation with 4x conversion therapy survivor Jonathan Brower and learn more about this spiritual, mental, emotional and psychological abuse that is still happening today in Canada, US and around the world.

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Save our kids

Save our kids I want to pause my story for this episode to answer some of the questions that have been coming in since I started This Little Light of Mine with an intention of being as transparent as possible. Some of the questions that I’ve received are on the lighter end of the spectrum……

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Surrender Have you ever had to cry out for surrender because the world had you up against the ropes?   A time where part of you wants to move forward and yet deep down inside you know that you have nothing left to give?  In the second part of my story I start to talk…

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World’s First LGBTQ Baptist Church

World’s First LGBTQ Baptist Church Expands To 20 Countries And Welcomes 500,000 Members Into Community; Proving That Love Really Does Win Out. The question I get the most from friends and people I meet after they ask about how I started the world’s first LGBTQ Baptist Church is “How did you end up so normal after…

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