I am terrified about stepping out of the shadows and sharing these next few story episodes with you. Ever since starting TLLOM I’ve been pushing these episodes to the back of my mind by telling myself… they are months away… just focus on the episode in front of you. And now we’re here. It’s time for another part of me to step out of the shadows.

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God hates figs?: S01E11

As I look back and examine the hate-filled homophobic messages that I received growing up in the church I can’t help but see the connection to the epidemic of brokenness, sexual shame, addiction and my own fear of intimacy despite my deep desire for that connection.

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The Gift of Pain- Interview with Cathy Webber: S01E08

For most of her life Cathy Webber believed that God was punishing her after a self-started childhood accident covered her body with third degree burns. Filled with self-hate Cathy tried to sedate her pain multiple addictions until the day she surrendered and called out ‘God, help me!’. Cathy now dedicates her life sharing how the gift of pain brought her back to God and provides her with the daily strength to be a grateful addict who grows in recovery on day at a time.

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Complex Trauma: S01E07

In today’s episode, ‘Complex Trauma’, I share the part of my story where this project first began. In today’s episode I take you into my disclosure session with my parents during my stay at a long-term complex trauma and rehabilitation centre in the US.

This is where I really started living.

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