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We want to hear your story

We want to hear your story and include your voice as part of our new podcast This Little Light of Mine.  

Record your voice and let us know what you thought of the Netflix documentary Pray Away:

S02E06 – Don’t Pray Away with Bonnie Violet

So what did you take away from the Netflix documentary Pray Away? I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and insights. pray 
pray away documentary Netflix
  • What was your overall impression of the film?
  • Did you undergo any type of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression Change Efforts (SOGIECE) at any point in your life?  What are the ongoing impacts of these efforts
  • What other types of stories or information would you want to see in a Part 2 of Pray Away?
  • What type of proper amends would you find helpful from former ex-gay leaders?

All of your submission to Share Your Voice questions could be included in the intro, outro or break segments of future episodes of our podcast, blog or on social media.

Looking for another way to Share Your Voice?  Grab your phone, find the voice memo function and record your voice.  When you’re happy with your recording you can reach us using the contact button below… feel free to be creative and send images and artwork too!