Goodbye, all done: S01E19

Drifting towards suicide: At more than one point in my life I thought it would be easier to leave this world than to feel my feelings, follow my God given Knowing, speak out against those I considered to be in ‘control’ and to share my truth.

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Scapegoat – with June Joplin: S01E18

Meet transgender pastor, radical truth-teller and scapegoat, Junia (June) Joplin.
A scapegoat is a truth teller in a family, company or community. They are the ones that will verbalize or act out “the problem” that others are attempting to cover up or deny.

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I am terrified about stepping out of the shadows and sharing these next few story episodes with you. Ever since starting TLLOM I’ve been pushing these episodes to the back of my mind by telling myself… they are months away… just focus on the episode in front of you. And now we’re here. It’s time for another part of me to step out of the shadows.

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June Book Club, The power of Breathwork By Jennifer Patterson

June Book Club – Power of Breathwork by Jennifer Patterson Introducing our June book club selection – The Power of Breathwork by Jennifer Patterson⁠ ⁠ June is Pride month and I believe that being proud of who you are is an inside job.⁠ ⁠ Focused breathwork can help improve immune function enhance connection, creativity, joy,…

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