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Not Defining – with MarK & Vic from @notdefining: S01E25

Is orientation static? Does it change over time? Is it fluid? Does your orientation automatically indicate who you’re having sex with?

On today’s episode I’m joined with orientation advocate Mark Smith and his wife Victoria. Mark runs a support site for anyone struggling with their orientation. He has an expanded heart and focus on humans who may be questioning, undefined, changing, Bi+, or fluid.

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Join Chad Rollo and I as we talk about deconstructing our faith and the importance of being in community with ‘fellow travellers’ as we journey this wild & windy (and often painful) road towards integrating our faith and sexuality after years of living behind a wall of shame & fear.

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PUREity shame: S01E15

Were you taught to be PURE or were you shamed for your sexuality? In today’s episode I share what it was like for me growing up in the purity culture of the 90’s evangelical church and share about one of my worst nightmares coming to life.

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The shift – with Colby Martin: S01E14

In today’s episode I’m joined by best-selling author, podcaster, and PROGRESSIVE pastor Colby Martin. Colby is passionate about carving out a space within Christianity that includes: a whole-heartedly affirming posture toward LGBTQ individuals. Colby joins today’s episode to talk about his newly released book ‘The Shift: Surviving and Thriving after Moving from Conservative to Progressive Christianity’

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I was wrong – Interview with Michael Coren: S01E12

Rev. Michael Coren joins me to talk about his book Epiphany and “what went wrong” on his journey from being the posterboy of Catholic conservatism towards his profound spiritual and personal change of heart towards the queer community.

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God hates figs?: S01E11

As I look back and examine the hate-filled homophobic messages that I received growing up in the church I can’t help but see the connection to the epidemic of brokenness, sexual shame, addiction and my own fear of intimacy despite my deep desire for that connection.

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Seeds of Shame: S01E09

In Seeds of Shame I take you WAY back to some of my earliest memories from a pre-school Jimmy (yup… I was Jimmy back then). As I do my own inner child work and travel back to ages 3/4/5/6 I can clearly see the imprint of early trauma and can almost pinpoint where toxic shame entered my life as a young boy.

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The Gift of Pain- Interview with Cathy Webber: S01E08

For most of her life Cathy Webber believed that God was punishing her after a self-started childhood accident covered her body with third degree burns. Filled with self-hate Cathy tried to sedate her pain multiple addictions until the day she surrendered and called out ‘God, help me!’. Cathy now dedicates her life sharing how the gift of pain brought her back to God and provides her with the daily strength to be a grateful addict who grows in recovery on day at a time.

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Complex Trauma: S01E07

In today’s episode, ‘Complex Trauma’, I share the part of my story where this project first began. In today’s episode I take you into my disclosure session with my parents during my stay at a long-term complex trauma and rehabilitation centre in the US.

This is where I really started living.

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afFIRMation Thursday – Pride Edition with Byron Fulkerth: S01E06

Welcome to our special Pride Month BONUS episode of This Little Light of Mine. Join personal trainer Byron Fulkerth and me as we take a hot minute to take a deep breath, throw some glitter in the air and talk about a new take on the elusive pride body.

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