What is This Little Light of Mine?

This Little Light of Mine is a progressive, inclusive and safe community focused on bringing people together for healing, forgiveness, joy, abundance and love. 

Together we stand in opposition to any organization that would teach or claim that any person is unlovable or not allowed to love. 

We believe in standing up for LOVE and for prioritizing mental health, emotional health and spiritual health in YOUR life and the lives of ALL people. 

We believe that healing our world starts with YOU 

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Why does This Little Light of Mine Exist?

We can no longer afford to ignore the psychological, spiritual, emotional and mental abuse that the church inflicts on children when they teach that any of God’s children are less than, unworthy of love or unable to love in the way that God has designed them to love.

  • It is unacceptable for anyone to be made to feel less than whole for who they are.
  • It is unacceptable for any more children to end their lives for feeling unloved, unclean or unwanted.
  • It is unacceptable for any more parents to lose their children.
  • It is unacceptable for any more siblings to grow up without really knowing their brothers or sisters.
  • It is unacceptable for any more people to be turned away from God’s message of love because of a manmade message of exclusion from the church.

We must stand up for love and prioritize mental health, emotional health and spiritual health for ALL people. 

Who is behind This Little Light of Mine?

James Powell’s is a certified co-active coach, brand & marketing expert and cause marketing specialist.

James’ experience seamlessly blends the profit and nonprofit sectors where he has worked with mega brands like Virgin, BMW, TAXI, Nike, Playboy, Best Buy, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, SickKids, M&C SaatchiWE, Children’s Miracle Network and many others.

James works with both brands and individuals to help them connect to their core values so that they can build outcomes that allow them to grow and thrive.  James is an expert at looking at the bigger picture and helping to design systems, structures and process that facilitate ease, flexibility and performance.

James is an avid reader, journal writer, runner, HIIT enthusiast, proud dog Dad, uncle to four nieces, three nephews and a Little Brother. 

And all of the above is what James WANTS you to see.  Beneath the surface it’s a very different story… a story of what happens when you teach a child that they’re not allowed to love.  James’ mission moving forward is to stand up and say ‘yes’ to love, mental health and spiritual health.

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